Rivers Edge Welding - Welding, Fabrication, Heavy Equipment Repair


Rivers Edge Welding can complete a variety of repairs, both simple and extensive, on all makes and models of equipment and accessories. Additionally, we offer a full custom fabrication service with products manufactured to your specific requirements. A full consultation and project management service is available to ensure you get what you need on time and to budget. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Custom Manufacturing & Heavy Equipment Repairs

Rivers Edge Welding provides customers with the ability to select what they need rather than choose from a specified product or service menu. We repair a variety of equipment and accessories including hoe pack travel limiters, rock guards, ejector rollers, bowl frogs and track guides and provide services such as bail straightening and ice lugging. We also manufacture new or custom parts such as blade trash racks or installing extra thumb tines.

Bucket Re-Lugging
Excavator Bucket Repair
IMAC 850 Bucket Repair
IMAC 850 Bucket Repair
Wrist Bucket Repair
Roller Ejector Repair
Bowl Frog Repair
Track Guides
Rock Guards
Ice Lugging
Hoe Pack Travel Limiters
Blade Trash Rack
Bail Straightening - Before
Bail Straightening - After

Draft Arm Boom & Stick Repair

At around one tenth of the cost of replacement, booms and sticks can be repaired or refurbished. Hinging points often have wear problems causing alignment issues, or structural integrity becomes an issue and cracks or breaks appear. Rivers Edge Welding can repair these and other problems, complete with OEM paint match finish, to have the equipment back on the job in no time at all.

Scraper Draft Arm Repair - Before
Scraper Draft Arm Repair - After
Scraper Draft Arm Repair - After
Boom Repair - Before
Boom Repair - After

Align Boring, Lathe & Milling

Instead of costly replacement, Rivers Edge Welding can machine parts to original specifications. We can create a variety of new parts from raw stock including custom pin boss fabrication and ear assemblies. Many components including pivot assemblies and hinges can be re-manufactured to better than new.

Align Boring

CNC Cutting

Our CNC machine can torch-cut steel sheets with a thickness range from1/4" to 8" and our cutting table can accommodate sheets up to 5' x 10'. Using cardboard templates, digital photographs, CAD drawings or even simple hand-drawn sketches, Rivers Edge Welding can custom cut and finish a variety of products from lugs and top plates to signage and d├ęcor.

CNC Cutting Table
CNC Cutting Table
IMAC Style Loader Lugs

Project Management and Consultation Services

Rivers Edge Welding offers a comprehensive consultation and project management service. We are happy to discuss your requirements by phone or arrange to meet to discuss any custom fabrication or repair requirements. We have a great deal of experience fabricating construction industry products both to OEM or Custom specifications and heavy equipment repairs are something we deal with on a daily basis. Your project will be expertly managed from start to finish with clear specifications and design guidelines, time frames and quality controls in place to ensure your project is delivered on time and to budget.

Mobile Welding Services

Rivers Edge Welding does offer a mobile welding services. Being able to service equipment on-site saves you valuable time and money! Enquire Now...